Research work

Research work at the department covers the following areas:
1. Problems of durability of composite wear-resistant materials , coatings, and structures (Supervisor : prof. Savulyak VI Artists : Assoc . Shilin AP, Assoc. Arkhipova TF, Assoc. Gaydamak AL, Zabolotnyi SA .. , p. prep. Osadchuk A., Eng. Schoenfeld VI, Eng. Marchenko YS , pg . Bakalets DV )
2 . The problem of reducing power consumption due to friction in drives technological machines (Supervisor : prof. Savulyak VI Artist: Et. Fedotov IV )
The main application areas that are addressed by the scientific - teaching staff of the Department of SMI :
1. Materials science of the surface layers and coatings of machine parts and structures (Prof. Savulyak VI, Assoc. Shilin AP, Assoc. Arkhipova TF ) .
2 . The problems of welding and related technologies (Prof. Savulyak VI , p. Ven . Osadchuk AU , pg . Bakalets DA , pg . Schoenfeld VI, Eng. Marchenko YS , pg . Postupaylo A. ) .
3 . Recovery and increase the wear resistance of machine parts and structures, engineering technology (Prof. Savulyak VI, Zabolotnyi SA ) . Particular department of SMI is developing coating technology on the details of the mobile technology. Important for the practical relevance to Vinnitsa was the development and implementation under the leadership of VI Savulyak complex process of restoration and increase the wear resistance of complex parts of city electric .
4 . Problems of increasing the starting torque drive cars and flexibility and stability of their motion (Prof. Savulyak VI , p. Rev. Fr . Semichasnova NS, Eng. Fedotov IV ) .


State budget and economic contracts subject .

Currently, the Department of State budget is executed topic: " Material science aspects of the restoration and strengthening of bearing metal by welding additional elements with a special profile and properties."

By 2016, scientists and staff of the department has been performed themes :
1. Development of scientific foundations for stability and control the evolution of the structure of composite materials metallokarbidnyh . Supervisor: Prof. , Prof. Savulyak VI Reply. Artist - Ph.D. , Assoc . Arkhipova TF
2 . Investigation of the characteristics of gear machines. Supervisor: Prof. , Prof. Savulyak VI Reply. Artist - in . off . Semichasnova NS
3 . Development and experimental - industrial implementation technology of surface hardening Surface bearings , aluminum alloy for gear hydraulic machines . Supervisors: from VNTU - Dr. , Prof. Savulyak VI From the Institute of Materials Science - Dr. , Prof. Podchernyaev IA Reply. Performer - ass .. Wrasse AV
4 . The drive system of special vehicles for the collection of solid waste . Supervisor: Prof. , Prof. Savulyak VI Reply. Artist - pg . Berezyuk AV
5 . Development and implementation of technological processes of recovery and surface hardening of trolleybuses. Supervisor: Prof. , Prof. Savulyak VI
The department develops and implements a unique technology to restore and improve the wear resistance of machine parts and structures.


Participation in scientific conferences.

Teachers of the department are involved in university and international conferences. This annual conference VNTU university and international : Third International Congress in Materials Science and Engineering (ASM) ( Iasi , Romania, 2000 ) , International Conference " Materials and coatings under extreme conditions" ( p. Katsively Crimea, 2000 ) , International Conference "Tehnomus XI" ( m.Suchava , Romania, 2001 ) , XXXVII International Seminar " Actual Problems of Strength " (Kyiv , 2001 ), the International scientific - technical Conference " durability and reliability of the friction units of machines ( WMS -2001 ) "( Khmelnitsky, 2001 ), 4 - th International Congress in Materials Science and Engineering (ASM) ( Iasi , Romania, 2002 ) , Vibrations in Engineering and Technology (Vinnitsa, 2003) , International Conference "Tehnomus XII " ( m.Suchava , Romania , 2003) , the International Conference "Tehnomus XIII ." (Suceava, Romania, 2005), International Conference " Application of the theory of plasticity in modern technologies and forming autotechnical expert ." (Vinnitsa , 2006) , the International Conference «Mechanical fatigue of metals: Proc ... 13 - th IC MFM ". - Ternopil: TSTU, 2006 , International Conference " Theoretical and experimental research in the technologies of modern materials science and engineering " ( Luck , 2007) , the International Conference " Engineering and Technosphere of the XXI century "(Donetsk , 2007 ), V Ukrainian scientific - practical conference " Improving the reliability of machines and equipment" ( Kirovograd, 2011 ), IV - first International scientific - practical conference "Modern technologies and prospects of development of road transport" (Vinnitsa, 2011 ), V All-Ukrainian scientific - technical conference TNTU name Ivan Pulyuya "Natural sciences and humanities . Topical Issues " ( Ternopil 2012 ), VI All-Ukrainian scientific - practical conference" Improving the reliability of machines and equipment "( Kirovograd, 2012) , XLI scientific - technical conference faculty - the faculty, staff and students VNTU (Vinnitsa, 2012 ), VII All-Ukrainian scientific - practical conference of students and graduate students " Improving the reliability of machines and equipment" ( Kirovograd KNTU 2013 ), IV International scientific - practical conference "Theoretical and experimental research in the technologies of modern materials science and engineering" ( Luck, 2013 ), the Internet conference on the topic " The problems of durability of materials , coatings, and structures " (Vinnitsa, 2013 ), VI International scientific - practical conference" Modern technologies and prospects of development of road transport " (Vinnitsa, 2013 ) .

The work of graduate students and applicants

At the department there are graduate students, which is the scientific director Dr. , Prof. Savulyak VI Research topics : Vishtak IV "Improving the characteristics of the spindle shaft by optimizing the geometric parameters of the pneumatic suspension "; Shapovalova OV "Diagnosis , repair and improve the wear resistance of the bearing journals pivots electric "; Postupaylo AV "Increasing longevity braced - the shell of welded structures for use in aggressive environments "; Senior Lecturer A. Osadchuk working on a master's thesis topic " Contact melting of metals ."

List of articles published in 2013-2018 by the Department of


- V.I. Savulyak, S.A. Zabolotniy, D.V. Bakalets. Іmprovement of strengthening and repair of frame structures welding methods..

I.V. Fedotova, V.I. Savulyak. Spindle on the conical gas suspension their design and research performance..

- V.I. Savulyak, V.Y. Shenfeld, O.V. Postupailo, A.B. Yanchenko. Molten metal phase duration effect on the structure and hardness of high-carbon fused coating.


- VI Savulyak , SA Zabolots , DV Bakalets . Minimization of deformation and thermal exposure to the frame structure of AT welding of overlays for amplification..

- Osadchuk AA, AY Osadchuk DETERMINATION OF MELTING THE ACCURACY solid wire cylindrical workpieces.

- VI Savuliak, AP Shilin, JP Dusanyuk, VP Peregonchuk. Gazotermicheskih STRENGTHENING SURFACE-based powder composition of white iron.


- AV Postupaylo , DV Bakalets , VI Savulyak . DATA QUALITY WELDING frame- shell structures ..

- VI Savulyak , VI Schoenfeld , OB Janchenko . EFFECT ON WEAR deposition rate high carbon layers deposited by arc surfacing with the use of carbon fiber materials..


- Ogorodnikov V.A., Arkhipova T.F. Technological heredity in problems METAL FORMING.


- AV Postupaylo , VI Savulyak . The method of assessing the quality of welding frame- shell structures..

- The publication of authors VI Savulyak , Y. Slobodyanyuk . ( p.15 ), VI Savulyak , AM Volkovsky , AL GaydamakV.I . ( C.18 ) , Savulyak , AV Postupaylo . ( p.22 ), VI Savulyak , AV Filipchenko , DV Bakalets . ( p.26 ), VI Savulyak , AA Osadchuk , AU Osadchuk . ( p.175 ). (с.175-178)


- LG Kozlov, AL Gaydamak , AV Piontkevich . INFLUENCE OF PARAMETERS ON STABILITY AND performance with electro- hydraulic control..

List of articles published Department for the period 1999 - 2012 years

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