We welcome the group ZV-16m with successful protection

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March 28 to March 31 in Vinnytsia National Technical University will host the Google week on the topic: "Digital technologies in the work of government institutions, local government and education"

The event is organized by the Center for Innovations in Electronic Management and the representation of Google in Ukraine.

The event is supposed to be held in two stages.
March 28 - scientific and practical seminar for civil servants and teachers "Digital technologies in the work of state institutions and local self-government bodies".
March 29-31 - training for teachers "Digital tools and opportunities".
Registration of questionnaires for participation in the training is open until March 23 here
The results of processing the questionnaire for confirmation of participation in the training will be known from March 24.
During the event, students will study the various services and resources of Google, can be used in the professional activities of teachers.
Practical skills of cooperation, simultaneous work in joint documents, notes, tables, on the Google maps website will also be given. Experience of creating digital content will be considered.
During the training, the emphasis will be on using Google Contacts, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Hangouts, YouTube video editor, Google Sites, Google Calendar in educational activities.
Speakers and coaches of the second part of the event:
- Natalia Gushchina, Senior Lecturer, Chair of Open Educational Systems and ICT, University of Management Education, APS of Ukraine
- Antonina Bukach, Methodist of the Scientific and Methodological Center of the Belotserkovsky City Council, tutor of the distance course "Google Services";
- Oleg Kostyukevich, local Google expert, Google Map Maker Ukraine cartographer.

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Summer School of Young Scientists 2016"

From 4 to 9 July 2016 "Summer school of young scientist in 2016" invites masters, postgraduate students and researchers to participate! It will promoted by the Council of young scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Vinnitsa National Technical University jointly with KVNZ "Vinnitsa academy of continuous education" are invited to participate in Vinnytsia young scientist Summer School 2016.

The purpose of educational initiatives - to prepare leaders, professionals in the field of higher education and a sustainable civil platform. The project provides training for graduate and postgraduate students, researchers, to improve the quality of their research, and providing normative, methodological and consultative assistance.

From 4 to 9 July 2016, participants will listen to lectures by leading experts in the organization and conduct of scientific research, become familiar with current requirements relating to registration of theses and procedures to protect, attend practical classes and psychological trainings.

During the summer school is planned to hold individual consultations on selected areas of research participants (pedagogical, psychological, economic, technical, etc.) and a methodological assistance for issues related to the justification of the thesis, the analysis of experimental results and more. Individual consultations are planned in certain areas of research. All participants of the Summer School 2016 scientists will receive certificates of participation.

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Vinnitsa National Technical University 25th in the ranking of 200 universities in Ukraine

Last year the NTB was 28 positions, the year before - 30 th position in this ranking.

Centre for International Projects "Yevroosvita" in partnership with an international group of experts presented the jubilee - the 10th academic ranking of higher education institutions of Ukraine "Top-200 Ukraine".

The integral index is represented by three components: quality scientific and educational potential, quality education and international recognition.

In 2016 the sole leader of the "Top-200 Ukraine" was the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", with substantial isolation from other universities of Ukraine came forward for the criterion "Innovative activity of university." The second took place in the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

The method is built according to the principles of international ranking of universities and provides a comparative analysis of the achievements of universities of different types based on a number of universal criteria.

Note Vinnitsa National Medical University. E. Pirogov 29 positions of the ranking. VNMU maintained its last year's position.

However, as the Vinnytsia national agrarian university - Disclaimers and now 129 and, like last year.

Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University - 162 th. Last year was the 165-m.

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Professor Valery NTB Savulyak the "Inventor of Ukraine"

Recently reference image edition "The inventors Ukraine - the elite of the state. Inventions and innovations "vydrukuvalo article about PhD, Professor of Vinnytsia National Technical University, the head of technology increasing durability Valery Savulyak.

Yes noted many fruitful and productive scientific and inventive activity Vinnitsa outstanding scientist whose development is highly potsinovuyutsya specialists in Ukraine and abroad.

Valery is a graduate of the University - one time with honors from high school. Launched in alma-mater with an assistant, has grown to a prominent scientist in Ukraine.

Professor Savulyak created in NTB scientific school of materials science research of functional coatings and their applications to strengthen and recovery through the use of welding and related technologies. In his scientific school has prepared 4 candidates of technical sciences. Today, under his leadership, writing their dissertations are 9 young scientists and three candidates degrees of Doctor of Science.

Valery published 4 books, about 190 scientific and 16 scientific and methodical works, has 17 patents, has opened a number of innovative processes, devices and mathematical models of processes and materials.

Department of Technology under the direction of improving the durability Valery Savulyak received the highest level of accreditation. If it has a center for welding and electron microscopy laboratory and spectral analysis of materials.

Professor Savulyak is a member of two specialized scientific councils of thesis defense. Works in the scientific-methodical commission as "welding" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and is an expert scientific committee on Education of Ukraine priority "Physical and Technical Problems of Materials".

It should be added that teachers and students of the department headed by Professor Savulyak, for several months selflessly made oven-stove, police ATO. Recently TPZ NTB Head of Department Professor Valeriy Savulyak, students and teachers of the department was awarded thanks to one of the NGOs active assistance for soldiers who are fighting, defending Ukraine.

According to the press center NTB

Details on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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After reports in the media about the work of our students on production of stoves for the needs of ATO, began to receive calls with offers of assistance. Phoned volunteers delivering humanitarian aid in the war zone with offers targeted delivery stoves. But most students have touched 3-B class Yakushenetskoyi and secondary school-IIIst. - High School who, in addition to using materials written letters to soldiers very responsive to the wishes of victory and return home, and painted patriotic pictures.
Since work has already produced 57 stoves which, thanks to volunteers, delivered to the ATO and warm zone fighters.
Since the work does not stop, there is now a need for the following materials: logs 18 ... 22 mm (Article 3), water pipes (you can trim) diameter 1/2 or 3/4.
Thank you all for your help and support.


* * * * * * * *

Congratulations Schoenfeld Valery Osipovich the successful defense of dissertation.

* * * * * * * *

"Every little helps", and here's another batch ovens ready for dispatch in ATO area.

Students, teachers, volunteers and caring people responded to requests for assistance in the manufacture of stoves. In particular, 8 cylinders gave students Vinnitsa Technical College, and materials needed for the production of these furnaces provided "Right Sector". These stoves handed fighters "Legal Sector" located in the area of ATO, 2 ovens transferred to the needs of 90 Battalion, 4 ovens passed battalion "Aydar" 2 yet ready to send special unit "Jaguar".

Cuttings, are still in the 10 ovens that as soon as possible will be transferred into the zone ATO.

At the request of fighters stoves are made of different designs.

Thanks to all who responded and helped funds or materials.

* * * * * * * *

Another batch stoves gave students and teachers of the department TPZ volunteers to be sent to the zone ATO.
In particular, 7 furnaces to give checkpoints where are Vinnytsia soldiers and volunteers, 2 - will send to the soldiers of the battalion of special purpose "Sever" 1 - Battalion "Aydar".
Next batch furnaces will be made for the battalion "Aydar", but unfortunately, funds to purchase the necessary supplies are not enough, so we ask all concerned to respond and help materials or funds.


* * * * * * * *

Our students made stoves for soldiers


* * * * * * * *

In trudnыe Seasons terrorystycheskoy uhrozы, ukrayntsы pokazыvayut neslыhannыy Splash patryotyzma and edynenyya, all the nation sent svoy usylyya to aid in voennosluzhaschym zone TU. Not studentы are left aside and Lecturer of the department TPZ NTB. Since winter is just around the corner, Current obohreva, Therefore It would yzhotovyt solutions pechy- "stove". Actively prysoedynylys эtoy the work studentы k, t vneurochnoe Clock with naravne Lecturer yzhotavlyvaly furnace in the center of contention of the department TPZ. In today yzhotovleno and handed volunteers for sending in a zone 8 TUs furnaces.

Requests vseh neravnodushnыh podderzhat ynytsyatyvu the department TPZ, topics samыm You Save zdorovie Fighters, zaschyschayuschyh our Ukraine on.

Maybe someone in the country, in a village in the garage is empty, unneeded cylinders, metal sheets or something similar, please respond! If you scrap this unnecessary, may serve as a good deal!

Call us at 097-237-7320

Basic Materials for neobhodymыe yzhotovlenyya other "stove".

1. Letter 3 mm (ST3) - 1 m2 (280-300 USD); Or nekondytsyonnыy Ballon 50 liters (for bыtovoho gas - propane) - (as metallolom 70-100 USD);
2. Fittings 3 m;
3. Rod 0.5 m;
4. Pipe diameter 70 ... 100 mm - 1 m;
5. Circle otreznoy 2h180 (12-15 hr);
6. electrodes - 2 lbs.
Oryentyrovochnaya sebestoymost other "stove" in dependence from yspolzovannыh
materials, sostavljaet 300 ... 600 USD.

Yzhotovlenye is scheduled not less than dvadtsaty "burzhuek."
If there are relatives who ili znakomыe in the zone and You know the ATO, that it k
is scheduled vыezd volonterov - obraschaytes the chair of TPZ, and We give


* * * * * * * *

II nd International Internet Conference
"Problems durability of materials, coatings and structures"

Conference materials

* * * * * * * *

Welcome TPZ head of the department of Prof. Valeriy Savulyak - an outstanding scholar, a man of enormous creative and scientific potential, the results of whose works are well known in Ukraine and abroad, and many years of research and inventive work being made in the book "The Inventor UKRAINE - ELITE STATE. INVENTIONS AND INNOVATIONS ".

The publication celebrates the most famous Ukrainian scientists and innovators - our contemporaries who have devoted their lives difficult honored and extremely interesting case vinahidnytstva.

We wish Valery Ivanovich further artistic and scientific achievements, good health and longevity!

Sincerely department staff TPZ!

* * * * * * * *

In NTB - Open House

On Saturday, October 18 in Vinnytsia National Technical University - Open House
Vinnytsia National Technical University invites students , their parents and everyone on October 18 Open Day !
Beginning at 10 hours and 30 minutes in the hall named after Roman Kigel academic building №1 at Khmelnytsky Highway 95
The program of the event:
Meeting with university leaders and representatives of institutions. Clarification of specific training, job prospects after our university .

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February 21, 2014. Today in our high school All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students "Innovative sustainable development in the context of Ukraine's integration into the European Community."Read more.

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February 14, 2014. Please accept my sincere heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of lovers holiday of love.

Have more love spring, and those who are looking for - to find love. May your heart always be filled with love, and life is full of bright events.

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November 20, 2013. at the Department of SMI defended master's qualification works full-time students. Protection works occurred according to schedule.
Congratulations to graduate with a successful defense of Master's qualification work and wish them further success in scientific work!

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From 30 October to 30 November 2013 in a test mode, open access to the full-text database " center of educational literature."

Access to a resource on all workstations of the University Library and connected to the Internet at, using Username : vntu and Password : library, ( username and password are entered in the form on the right page , top) .
Publisher "Center of textbooks " provides access to electronic versions of books. The collection includes about 800 books labeled with MES in different subjects : humanities, natural and technical sciences , legal literature, economics, finance , etc.

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VI International scientific - practical conference "Modern technologies and prospects of development of road transport " was held on 21 - 23 October 2013 .

* * * * * * * *

September 25 in Vinnitsa on kafelri TPZ will host an international conference on the Internet : "The problems of durability of materials , coatings, and structures"
We invite everyone to participate .


* * * * * * * *  

In VNTU at the Department of Technology established the Centre for improving the wear resistance of electron microscopy and spectral analysis of materials . Center is equipped with an electron microscope and RES -106 and spectrometers. In the laboratory research is being conducted on materials science and diagnostic materials and structures - new , remanufactured , strengthened - as well as their remaining resources and causes of failures . Students are actively using the microscope for research in the performance of bachelor 's and master's theses . Young scientists are studying the department with modern electronic equipment structural changes in the materials of parts with different methods of processing and hardening.

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