Presentation of the specialty in the direction of Intelligent Technology Systems in Surfaces Engineering


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Information graduates of colleges (colleges) to join the 2018

Department of Technology invites you to enhance durability for day and corresponding state budgetary or contractual forms of learning rate (2-year) period of training to obtain a bachelor's degree in the direction of 132 - "Materials".

Amounts set of students to study in 2018 based on the level "Junior Specialist"

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Posts that can occupy our graduates

- Researcher scientific - research institutions,
- Teacher training institutions at various levels of accreditation in welding and related technologies ,
- Engineer - researcher , engineer, designer,
- Technologist , engineer , controller,
- The operator of welding systems and robotic systems,
- Electrician ,
- Organizer of the Executive assembly - welding and assembly jobs recovery ,
- Inspector to verify compliance of the technical characteristics of the process equipment and tooling set standards
- Quality Control Inspector
- Senior laboratory for measurements and tests
- Instructor apprenticeship
- Engineer Technical Service vehicles , electric vehicles and agricultural equipment.

The level and the use of graduates

Specialist ready to work by economic activity :
production of steel pipes;
production of metal structures;
production of metal tanks, reservoirs and containers;
production of boilers ;
other metal processing operations ;
production of various metal products;
production (without repair) reciprocating internal combustion engines and parts for them;
manufacture of turbines and related parts ;
repair of (specialized ) engines and turbines;
production (without repair) of lifting and handling equipment;
repair of (specialized ) lifting and handling equipment;
production of agricultural tractors;
repair of (specialized ) tractors and other agricultural machines;
Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy , assembly and installation of machinery for metallurgy ;
repair of (specialized ) machines for metallurgy;
production (without repair) machinery and equipment for the mining industry;
production (without repair) of construction machinery and equipment;
repair of (specialized ) machines for the mining and construction industries ;
repair of (specialized ) machines for processing agricultural products ;
manufacture of household electrical appliances ;
production of motor vehicles;
overhaul of trucks, cars and buses;
production of housings for motor vehicles and trailers ;
Ship building and repair , construction of pleasure craft;
Manufacture of railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock;
repair of (specialized ) of railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock;
construction of aircraft and spacecraft ;
manufacture of other transport equipment not included in other categories ;
General construction of buildings ( new works, replacement, reconstruction and rehabilitation )
construction of bridges , road overpasses , tunnels and subways ;
construction of main pipelines, communication and power supply ;
construction of pipelines, communication lines and power supply of the local destination;
additional work , the construction of power plants , mining and manufacturing industries ;
Other construction and engineering work not covered by other groups ;
Mounting and installation of prefabricated structures ;
construction of sea and river structures ;
installation of metal structures;
installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
water and sewer work , gas pipeline work.

List of main core disciplines of the specialty and their characteristics

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